Sweet Potato Gratin with Sage and Garlic

Sweet Potato Gratin with Sage and GarlicIf there’s a holiday that makes me feel warm and happy and nostalgic, it’s Thanksgiving.  I feel about Thanksgiving the way that most people reserve for Christmas.  Some of my happiest childhood memories revolve around Thanksgiving.  Because of the food, yes.  And because of big parties with family and friends, of course.  But mostly, I really love Thanksgiving because of the time that I get to spend with my dad in the kitchen, helping him cook.   [Read more...]

Classic Chocolate Pudding

Classic Chocolate PuddingThe things I do for you guys.  I have made this pudding three times now, just to really make sure it’s as good as it was the first time.  I experimented with different milks, different thickeners, different chocolate.  And I ate a lot of pudding.  All for you, my loyal readers.  To give you the best pudding experience possible.  I’ve martyred myself for you on the altar of chocolate pudding.  My boys also played their parts by eating some pudding, but really, I took the brunt of that task.

Classic Chocolate Pudding [Read more...]

Stuffed Carnival Squash with Wild Rice, Cheddar, and Apples

Stuffed Carnival Squash with Wild Rice, Cheddar, and ApplesCan we talk about kitchen disasters?  About food experiments gone awry?  And things that in theory, should be delicious, but just aren’t?

Those things happen to everyone who attempts to cook, whether they’re a pro or a novice.  Sometimes even more often when you’re an experienced cook, because you get daring and excitable.  Now I don’t consider myself a pro, but daring and excitable?  Check, check.  Mostly just excitable.  Sometimes I get ideas that I think will be the best thing ever, but turn out, in reality, to be the okayest thing ever.  After many years of this kind of thing happening  in my kitchen, I sometimes get a little foresight as this is happening.  It usually happens when I keep thinking, “And what if I add…?” And I keep repeating that thought one too many times.  I know I’m going overboard  but I just. can’t. stop. [Read more...]