Swiss Chard, Leek, and Ricotta Crostata

Swiss Chard, Leek, and Ricotta CrostataWith this glorious time of mid-summer comes a serious case of chard fatigue.  And kale fatigue.  And leafy green fatigue.  I have chard and kale in my garden and they grow so rapidly and so abundantly that I often can’t keep up.  And there are only so many meals that I can eat with a side of garlicky sautéed greens.  So, at least in our house, a new recipe for greens is always more than welcome.  But to have a swiss chard recipe that I’m actually excited about?  That’s really something. Swiss Chard, Leek, and Ricotta Crostata [Read more...]

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Blue Sky Bakery Bran Muffins

Blue Sky Bakery Bran MuffinsToday, I ate 4 bran muffins.  And no, this isn’t the beginning of some gross joke.  Me, who isn’t exactly a “bran muffin” type of gal, ate FOUR of the things.  (Admittedly, and without oversharing, I should not have done this. I got carried away and later regretted it for reasons I hope I don’t have to outline for you.)  But they were so good.  I was skeptical about all the talk of these now-famous muffins, because I honestly didn’t think any bran muffin could be all that good.  But I was so wrong. And I’ve never been so regular happy to be wrong. [Read more...]

Mexican Kohlrabi Salad with Papalo

Kohlrabi Salad with PapaloI hope that by now, most of you know that the only thing I love more than kohlrabi is sharing the kohlrabi love with other people.  So when I come across another way to use it, I can’t help but share.

I can’t take the credit for this recipe, I got the idea from a farmer at the market a couple weeks ago, who was handing out samples of a simple kohlrabi salad- basically chopped kohlrabi and lime juice with a sprinkle of salt.  I loved the idea as a topping for tacos or a simple side dish for grilling out.  I was about to walk about from his stall when something caught my eye- a bunch of light green herbs that I’d never seen before.  I asked him what they were, and he replied, “Papalo!” Apparently it has a similar flavor to cilantro, but a bit spicier and more peppery.  It’s used a lot in Mexico, because it’s also easier to grow in the heat, whereas cilantro bolts quickly when it gets hot.  I honestly had never heard of it before, but after tasting it, I was already wondering how I could get some seeds to plant in my garden next year.  It’s really tasty and would be the perfect addition to pretty much any Mexican dish. [Read more...]


FattoushI love summer.  For all the usual reasons that people love summer, but also because everything just tastes better.  Of course, fruit and vegetables are just all around more delicious when they’re grown in your backyard or picked out from a local market.  But I can’t help but think that everything just tastes better when eaten outside, on a patio, deck, or picnic blanket.  I’m sure it’s a little bit of both.  And this is the perfect example of this summer-food-deliciousness on both fronts. [Read more...]

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Cardamom

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote Ok, last one for this year, I promise.  This is the last rhubarb recipe I’m going to send your way for a while.  But you’ll miss the rhubarb when it’s gone.  This compote is similar to how I remember eating rhubarb as a kid.  My grandma would cook it in a small pot with a bit of water and sugar and we’d eat it while it was still warm.  Now, nothing will ever taste as good as that warm rhubarb, because nothing ever tastes quite as good as it does in childhood memories, but this recipe come very close. [Read more...]