Vanilla Coconut Cashew Butter

Vanilla Coconut Cashew ButterMy boys love peanut butter.  Like, seriously love peanut butter.  Between the two of them, we go through large jars of the stuff like it’s water.  Now, I like peanut butter, but I can’t eat it for lunch every single day (like some toddlers I know… ahem).  But I do love a good smear of nut butter on a piece of toast or some apple slices now and again.  Now, while I think peanuts are dandy, cashews are pretty much my jam.  Their creamy texture and subtle sweet flavor make them the perfect candidate for turning into a spread. [Read more...]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Compote with Cardamom

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote Ok, last one for this year, I promise.  This is the last rhubarb recipe I’m going to send your way for a while.  But you’ll miss the rhubarb when it’s gone.  This compote is similar to how I remember eating rhubarb as a kid.  My grandma would cook it in a small pot with a bit of water and sugar and we’d eat it while it was still warm.  Now, nothing will ever taste as good as that warm rhubarb, because nothing ever tastes quite as good as it does in childhood memories, but this recipe come very close. [Read more...]

Cara Cara Orange Marmalade

Cara Cara Orange MarmaladeMarmalade is one of those foods that I always desperately wished that I liked.  The way the word rolls off my tongue, the rosy, bright glow of it in the jar, the idea of sweet, but tart stickiness on my hot, buttered toast… it all appeals to me.  And yet… it never seemed to live up to the promise.  Always just a bit too bitter, or a bit too cloying, and almost always a disappointment.Cara Cara Orange Marmalade

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Homemade Ketchup

Homemade KetchupAs I’ve been trying to transition our little family away from processed convenience food, and towards whole, nutritious foods, there have been a few things that I’ve, admittedly, conveniently overlooked.  There are just certain things that you know are bad, but you have a feeling that 1)it’s going to be a hard sell to get your family to try something different and 2)the amount of effort that it will take to change it will be too much.  And then, some things have that, “But… but… but…” factor, as I like to call it.  As in, “But… but… but… I really like normal ketchup!”

Homemade Ketchup

(Before you say anything, yes, I’m completely aware of the irony of the brand of vinegar I used for this.  Har har. Be careful or I’ll get belligerent and try to make my own vinegar!) [Read more...]

Homemade Mayo in a Minute

Homemade Mayo in a MinuteMayonnaise is divisive.  People love it; people hate it.  I love it, slathering it all over sandwiches and burgers, and dipping my fries in it. I’m one of those people.  But I’d like to make a bold assertion: If people were making their own mayonnaise, at home, there would be very few people who can withstand its charms.

Because homemade mayonnaise is a whole different species than the stuff you get in a jar at the store.  Yes, even the good quality stuff. (Oh, Ina Garten, I love how you make this stipulation, without fail.)  Homemade mayo is creamy and smooth, without the greasy mouthfeel you can get with storebought.  It’s flavor is fresh and bright, without being overpowering.  It’s mayo like it’s meant to be.Homemade Mayo in a Minute

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