Brown Butter Blondies

Brown Butter BlondiesListen.  It’s mid-June.  The beginning of summer.  You really should be eating healthfully.  Loading your body up with nutrient-packed greens and antioxidant rich berries and all of that.  I mean, that’s what I’m doing.  Mostly.  But chocolate and vanilla and browned butter know no season.  Or rather, my craving for them has no season.  Or, maybe, it knows ALL the seasons?   [Read more...]

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Irish Cream Truffles

irish cream trufflesDo I really need to write a post for this one, folks?  It’s chocolate.  And booze.  Melted, mixed, rolled around in more chocolate.  Highly giftable, delicious, boozy chocolate.  Listen, we all have lots of stuff to do this time of year.  I, for one, still have to wrap gifts (all the gifts), do a bit more shopping, and think up a Christmas Eve menu.  You too, right?  So let’s just cut to the chase, and agree that these Irish Cream Truffles are just a good idea.  Ok, a really good idea.  If you need more convincing on why truffles are good to have around, just in general, check out this recipe.   Also, have your head checked, because it’s pretty obvious that truffles are good to have around.  Silly.   [Read more...]

Whiskey-Bacon Cookies with Pecans and Maple Sugar

Whiskey and Bacon CookiesI know.  I’m sorry.  I don’t usually go in for this kind of shenanigans.  Ok, well maybe I do.  But I really do try to steer clear of such over-the-top silliness (like peanut butter cup bacon whipped cream brownie bars, etc.)  Compared to some of the wacky stuff I’ve seen on Pinterest, this is nothing.  Besides… it’s St. Patrick’s Day soon and any good Irishwoman knows that a little bit of shenanigans is completely called for. [Read more...]