Brown Butter Blondies

Brown Butter BlondiesListen.  It’s mid-June.  The beginning of summer.  You really should be eating healthfully.  Loading your body up with nutrient-packed greens and antioxidant rich berries and all of that.  I mean, that’s what I’m doing.  Mostly.  But chocolate and vanilla and browned butter know no season.  Or rather, my craving for them has no season.  Or, maybe, it knows ALL the seasons?   [Read more...]

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Rhubarb Muffins with Almond Streusel

Rhubarb Muffins with Almond StreuselRight before and after I had my little girl, a lot of people told me that having two kids was great.  That it was tough at first (they said this with a perceptible shudder, which made me start sweating just a bit), but that after about a year, it was wonderful because your kids can actually play together.  You know, a built-in buddy.

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Apple Pandowdy

Apple PandowdyI try to not eat things like skillet apple pie all the time, I swear.  I really do start out with the best intentions.  I go to the store and buy dozens of apples (healthy snacks!), but in the end, they wind up covered in butter and brown sugar and baked under a tender, flaky crust.  Don’t even ask what happens to the bananas.  The universe conspires to make me bake. [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cake

DSC_0385Since I’ve been on such a roll with my old tried-and-true recipes, I figure I might as well just keep on truckin’.  And it doesn’t get much better than this.  This is recipe gold, folks.  Cake.  Chocolate Chips. Cinnamon Sugar.  A big chunk of this with a  cold glass of milk will cure whatever ails you.  (Unless what ails you is sugar addiction. Sorry.) [Read more...]

Classic Chocolate Pudding

Classic Chocolate PuddingThe things I do for you guys.  I have made this pudding three times now, just to really make sure it’s as good as it was the first time.  I experimented with different milks, different thickeners, different chocolate.  And I ate a lot of pudding.  All for you, my loyal readers.  To give you the best pudding experience possible.  I’ve martyred myself for you on the altar of chocolate pudding.  My boys also played their parts by eating some pudding, but really, I took the brunt of that task.

Classic Chocolate Pudding [Read more...]

Apple Pie Biscuits

Apple Pie BiscuitsEveryone has their favorite fall thing. Pumpkin is a biggie.  Sweet potato is another one.  Mine is apples.  Come autumn, I want apple everything.  I love how versatile they are, how perfect raw or baked.  I feel the same way about apples in the fall the way I feel about rhubarb in the spring. (And in case you were wondering- yes, that may mean you’ll get 5 apple recipes in a row.) No regrets. [Read more...]

Zwetschgenkuchen (German Plum Cake)

ZwetschgenkuchenIt’s an interesting thing when you realize that your kid might just be even stranger than you are.  When I made this discovery, I was filled with a mixture of terror and pride.  Figure that one out, Freud.


This latest realization came on the last trip to the store. I spotted these beautiful little plums and got all excited.  My little guy, sitting in the cart, looked confused.  So I said, “Joe, look… Zwetschgen!” [Read more...]

Croissant Ice Cream Sandwiches

Croissant Ice Cream SandwichYOU GUYS.  This is not so much a recipe as a public service announcement.  I’m not even going to waste time with a pithy little intro on this one.  I just need to cut straight to the chase: CROISSANT ICE CREAM SANDWICHES. I have made these twice now, and both times, I’ve managed to mumble through a mouth full of buttery flaky dough, ice cream dribbling down my chin, “How is this not a THING?!”  As in, why haven’t we always been doing this?  Why has no one else thought of this and shouted it from the rooftops?  How is there no trendy downtown ice cream parlor that specializes in this funky delicacy?! [Read more...]

Nectarine and Blueberry Poppyseed Cake

Poppyseed Cake with Nectarines and BlueberriesThere are a lot of good things about being a parent.  But there are also some pretty lame parts about being a parent. You know what one of the worst parts of being a parent is?  When you have to be mean mommy. You know… you have to insist that naps are indeed necessary, even when the park is still way more fun.  You have to take away the favorite truck after it is thrown across the room. You have to explain over and over again that food goes in our mouths, not on the floor.   Basically, you have to be the meanest mom ever. [Read more...]