Marinated Swordfish with Avocado Salsa

Marinated Swordfish with Avocado SalsaLike the completely inept food blogger that I am, I made this months and months ago and forgot to say a single silly little word about it.  But I was looking over some photos just now, and found the images from when I made this, and was all, “Hey!  I forgot about that!  It was soooooo good!” [Read more...]

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Everything Bagel Salmon from The Chardonnay Kitchen

Hello friends,

Thanks for bearing with me during my little blogging break while I’m on my “baby moon”. While I’m busy snuggling and running toddler interference, I’ve asked some of my favorite new bloggers to share some recipes with you! I’m pleased to bring you an awesome recipe from The Chardonnay Kitchen, an awesome new blog I think you guys will love! Her recipes are so creative, fun, and look really delicious! Make sure to check out her blog for lots of other great recipes, too! Enjoy!



Hi there! I’m MHM and I’m the wine-fueled brain behind The Chardonnay Kitchen. I’m excited to fill in for Christina while she’s hanging out with her purely precious new addition to her family!

This dinner is inspired by breakfast. I have so many memories of Breakfast For Dinner growing up – sitting down after my homework was done to a huge plate of syrupy pancakes felt like the biggest treat around. Instead of simply making a traditional breakfast at dinnertime, I translated it to an entrée. [Read more...]

Pasta (Almost) Puttanesca

Pasta (Almost) PuttanescaAnchovies.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.  I’ve never given them much thought- neither in the, “gross, ack!” camp, nor the “can’t get enough!” camp.  They’re ok.  I buy the little tubes of anchovy paste for Caesar salad and maybe to squirt a little into some garlic oil for pasta.  That was pretty much the entirety of my anchovy experience.  But something possessed me to buy a tin at the store the other day that looked promising, and the opportunity presented itself the other night.  So here we are.

Pasta (Almost) Puttanesca

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Ultimate Tuna Melts

The Best Tuna Melt

This tuna melt has been eye-opening in so many ways.  Did you ever think you’d hear someone say that about a tuna melt? Let me explain.

Up until college, I’d never had a tuna melt.  Just never had one.  I’d had plenty of tuna salad sandwiches, and many a grilled cheese, but no tuna melt.  Then one day, my college roommate made one for herself for lunch and I thought, “Hey, that looks good.” So I made one.  It was, in fact, good.  Like a tuna sandwich, but obviously better, because of the melted cheese. Since then, I’ll make one every once in a while, the same way I’d make myself a peanut butter and jelly every so often.  Sometimes, it just sounds really good, but it’s never exactly mind-blowing.

The Best Tuna Melt

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Tilapia Saltimboca

I have a little rule of thumb when it comes to dealing with cooking disasters/disastrously boring food.  Are you ready for it?  Here it is:

Wrap it in bacon.

That’s all.  Don’t even act surprised, because it’s pretty much a scientific fact that you can make anything taste good if you wrap it in bacon, cook it in bacon grease, or sprinkle some bacon crumbles on top.  Dry chicken?  Check.  Marginally too-healthy salad?  Check? Sticks that you picked up off the ground in the back yard?  Check.  Anything, people.     [Read more...]