French Potato and Green Bean Salad


French Potato and Green Bean SaladI’ve never been to France.  And I really can’t complain about it.  I’ve been plenty of places that are amazing and have opened my eyes and taken my breath away.  I’ve visited the Taj Mahal and the small town in Germany that my Grandma was from. I’ve seen flamenco dancing in Spain with some of my dearest friends and had breakfast looking out over Big Sur with yet another dear friend.  I’ve been all over Mexico and have visited family in Minnesota.  I spent time studying in Ireland and I’ve spent time partying during an ill-fated, but memorable, college spring break in Florida.  As far as travel goes, I consider myself blessed to have seen so much of the world before I hit 30.  Truly, I’m beyond lucky. [Read more...]

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Baked White Beans with Bacon and Breadcrumbs

Baked White Beans with Bacon and Breadcrumbs

Oh, spring, you tricky little vixen.  You’re hot, you’re cold.  You’re sunny, you’re rainy.  If it weren’t for the air being slightly, wondrously scented with the hint of rain, and the daffodils poking their heads through the grass, and the fuzz of green buds covering the trees, I would disown you all together.  Spring is maybe my favorite season, because even though I love virtually everything about summer, nothing can beat spring for how badly I want it.  How hopeful it makes me feel. Every beautiful spring day feels like a gift, you know?  You don’t take a single one for granted. [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Gratin with Sage and Garlic

Sweet Potato Gratin with Sage and GarlicIf there’s a holiday that makes me feel warm and happy and nostalgic, it’s Thanksgiving.  I feel about Thanksgiving the way that most people reserve for Christmas.  Some of my happiest childhood memories revolve around Thanksgiving.  Because of the food, yes.  And because of big parties with family and friends, of course.  But mostly, I really love Thanksgiving because of the time that I get to spend with my dad in the kitchen, helping him cook.   [Read more...]

Stuffed Carnival Squash with Wild Rice, Cheddar, and Apples

Stuffed Carnival Squash with Wild Rice, Cheddar, and ApplesCan we talk about kitchen disasters?  About food experiments gone awry?  And things that in theory, should be delicious, but just aren’t?

Those things happen to everyone who attempts to cook, whether they’re a pro or a novice.  Sometimes even more often when you’re an experienced cook, because you get daring and excitable.  Now I don’t consider myself a pro, but daring and excitable?  Check, check.  Mostly just excitable.  Sometimes I get ideas that I think will be the best thing ever, but turn out, in reality, to be the okayest thing ever.  After many years of this kind of thing happening  in my kitchen, I sometimes get a little foresight as this is happening.  It usually happens when I keep thinking, “And what if I add…?” And I keep repeating that thought one too many times.  I know I’m going overboard  but I just. can’t. stop. [Read more...]