Stuffed Carnival Squash with Wild Rice, Cheddar, and Apples

Stuffed Carnival Squash with Wild Rice, Cheddar, and ApplesCan we talk about kitchen disasters?  About food experiments gone awry?  And things that in theory, should be delicious, but just aren’t?

Those things happen to everyone who attempts to cook, whether they’re a pro or a novice.  Sometimes even more often when you’re an experienced cook, because you get daring and excitable.  Now I don’t consider myself a pro, but daring and excitable?  Check, check.  Mostly just excitable.  Sometimes I get ideas that I think will be the best thing ever, but turn out, in reality, to be the okayest thing ever.  After many years of this kind of thing happening  in my kitchen, I sometimes get a little foresight as this is happening.  It usually happens when I keep thinking, “And what if I add…?” And I keep repeating that thought one too many times.  I know I’m going overboard  but I just. can’t. stop. [Read more...]

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Creamy Cauliflower with Cheddar and Dijon

Creamy Cauliflower with Dijon and CheddarOne of my favorite things to do is to take dishes that my family ate when I was younger and remake them in my own kitchen, with little changes to suit what my own little family likes.  It’s fun, and even if it’s not quite like I remember mom or grandma making, most of the time, we like it all the same.  And sometimes, sometimes…. it’s even a little better?  This is one of those.  And perhaps, most notably, this is the recipe that started Project: Get My Husband To Eat Cauliflower.  That’s right, it was after he tried this recipe, and loved it, that I realized that I might actually be able to get him to eat it in other incarnations, too.  This is a cauliflower recipe that might get you to like cauliflower for actually being cauliflower. [Read more...]

Kohlrabi and Celery Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette

Kohlrabi and Celery Salad with Dijon VinaigretteHello, Team Kohlrabi!  I’m so glad we’re all on the same page about kohlrabi by now. We are, right?  We all agree that we all love, love, love it and it’s one of our favorite, most versatile veggies?  If not, I’m kind of surprised you’re still here, and not completely annoyed by how many kohlrabi recipes I share.  But I can’t help it!  Every time I think I’ve got it all figured out, that I’ve tried kohlrabi every way I would ever really wish to have it… I discover a new way.  I can’t keep that love to myself. [Read more...]

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Crispy Roasted PotatoesI know what you’re thinking.  ”It’s Monday. Terrible, horrible Monday.  And all she has for us is a boring recipe for potatoes, of all things?  I’m sad.”

Don’t be sad!  These aren’t just potatoes.  These are potatoes that I’ve perfected over the course of more dinners than I can count.  They may have started out as boring old potatoes.  But now… now they are crispy, flavorful, heavenly potatoes that will make pretty much anything you make for dinner tonight more delicious.  See, aren’t you glad you’re still here? [Read more...]

Swiss Chard, Leek, and Ricotta Crostata

Swiss Chard, Leek, and Ricotta CrostataWith this glorious time of mid-summer comes a serious case of chard fatigue.  And kale fatigue.  And leafy green fatigue.  I have chard and kale in my garden and they grow so rapidly and so abundantly that I often can’t keep up.  And there are only so many meals that I can eat with a side of garlicky sautéed greens.  So, at least in our house, a new recipe for greens is always more than welcome.  But to have a swiss chard recipe that I’m actually excited about?  That’s really something. Swiss Chard, Leek, and Ricotta Crostata [Read more...]

Mexican Kohlrabi Salad with Papalo

Kohlrabi Salad with PapaloI hope that by now, most of you know that the only thing I love more than kohlrabi is sharing the kohlrabi love with other people.  So when I come across another way to use it, I can’t help but share.

I can’t take the credit for this recipe, I got the idea from a farmer at the market a couple weeks ago, who was handing out samples of a simple kohlrabi salad- basically chopped kohlrabi and lime juice with a sprinkle of salt.  I loved the idea as a topping for tacos or a simple side dish for grilling out.  I was about to walk about from his stall when something caught my eye- a bunch of light green herbs that I’d never seen before.  I asked him what they were, and he replied, “Papalo!” Apparently it has a similar flavor to cilantro, but a bit spicier and more peppery.  It’s used a lot in Mexico, because it’s also easier to grow in the heat, whereas cilantro bolts quickly when it gets hot.  I honestly had never heard of it before, but after tasting it, I was already wondering how I could get some seeds to plant in my garden next year.  It’s really tasty and would be the perfect addition to pretty much any Mexican dish. [Read more...]

Creamy Sautéed Beet Greens

Creamy Sautéed Beet Greens I fully expected this recipe to be a disaster.   After buying a gorgeous bunch of freshly picked (that morning!) beets from the farmers’ market, I was once again reminded by my sainted husband that he doesn’t like beets.  After trying to tuck a few gorgeous, ruby red slices into his salad, only to have them plucked out and fed to our child (who wasn’t exactly thrilled, either) I decided to quit wasting my lovely beets and keep them to myself.  However, I still had these greens to deal with. [Read more...]

Baked Eggplant Parmesan

Baked Eggplant ParmesanI discovered this recipe last summer, when our CSA box was filled with more eggplant than we knew what to do with.  After the first batch, I quickly made several more to stock up our freezer for the eggplantless winter months ahead.  We gobbled through out freezer stash of eggplant parm in short order, then I made more with somewhat horrific-looking January eggplant from the grocery store.  And guess what?  Even that stuff was good. [Read more...]

Warm Corn and Bell Pepper Salad with Asparagus from Amateur Omnivore

Hi All, 

Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to Erica from Amateur Omnivore.  I really love her blog, and I think you guys will love what she came up with to share with you!  And while you’re at it, check out her blog for lots of other awesome posts!



Hi everyone!  I’m Erica over at Amateur Omnivore and while Christina is spending time with her baby girl, I’m popping over to provide a little entertainment for her readers until she comes back and tells us all about life and food forays with her new munchkin!

Inspired by the first ears of the season and by Christina’s fresh Corn and Radish Salad, I made a warm corn and red bell pepper salad with asparagus as a side dish for a barbecue a couple of weeks ago.


[Read more...]