Dijon Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Sometimes you think you know how much you love something or someone, and then they do something that surprises you and makes you love them even more.    Like when you come downstairs in the morning and discover that your husband has done all of last night’s dishes and taken out the garbage and made you a pot of coffee.  (Yep, it doesn’t take much for me, folks.  It’s the little things.)  Well, these Brussels sprouts are like your husband doing the dinner dishes.


Last year, I told you all about how I made these amazing simmered Brussels sprouts and I kind of thought it was crazy how good they were.  Because it seemed so simple, and yet… they are so good.  They tasted so different from any Brussels sprout I had ever known.  I kind of fell in love with them.  And these are the same, but the opposite.  Where the steamed ones were light, buttery, and fresh, these are nutty, rich, and a flavor explosion.  Both delicious and mind-blowing, but in a totally different way.   [Read more...]

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Green Bean Salad with Fried Almonds

Where to begin… where to begin… there are so many great things about this salad, I don’t know where to start.

First, it as fennel in it. Raw fennel. And some of you may recall that I was pretty sure I hated fennel until I made this, when I decided that maybe I only hated raw fennel, because fennel baked in cream was probably one of the best things I’ve ever had. But now I’ve made this salad, and it turns out I don’t hate raw fennel either. So if I don’t hate cooked fennel and I don’t hate raw fennel… hey, I don’t hate fennel! I actually like it. If I can like fennel, that means you can, too! For some reason, this feels like a huge milestone for me.

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Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good

Now, I know that I’ve been quite the delinquent lately.  For this, I apologize.  But you didn’t think I’d let the week before Thanksgiving go by without so much as a peep, did you?  There are too many fabulous food-related things to talk about this week, too many recipes that would be just perfect to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner this year, too many opportunities to indulge in fantasies having to do with things like maple-flavored whipped cream and deep-fried turkey and cinnamon-laced something-or-other.

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving at our house always consists of the exact same dishes.  Same turkey.  Same stuffing. Same vegetables.  This is in no way a bad thing.  In fact, that’s kind of how I like my Thanksgiving dinner. These are dishes that have been honed over the past 25 years, until they are now at the point where they are about as perfect as can be.  I don’t want to imagine a Thanksgiving without my dad’s broccoli cheese rice casserole, or my grandma’s cranberry relish.  Thanksgiving would be somehow less Thanksgiving-y without them. [Read more...]

Sauteed Radishes with Garlic

Have you missed me? I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days. It isn’t so much me, or a lack of cooking. You see, it’s my computer. It was, well… struck by lightning. Actually, our house was struck by lightning, which somehow fried my computer.

I know, what are the odds, right? So long story short, I’m working on getting it fixed, and I’ve been cooking, so as soon as I’m back up and running, you better hold on to your hats!  In the mean time, I’m borrowing hubby’s computer and it has me all turned around.  I’ve got some great recipes and pictures for you… on my computer.  In the mean time, will you settle for some radishes? [Read more...]

Finocchio al Forno (Fennel Baked in Cream)

I feel it’s only fair after subjecting you all to Brussels sprouts, and urging you to give them another try, that I give something a second try, too.  The tough part about that is… there are so few foods that I don’t like.  I will eat pretty much anything.  Not eggs shells or raw potatoes like someone we know, but….

The reason I’m so big on giving not-so-favored foods a second shot is because in the past, when I’ve done it, I’ve always been rewarded.  Over the years, our tastes change, and if we don’t keep trying something, how will we know that we still don’t like it?  I know this all sounds very reasonable, but I can acknowledge that some foods are just… not for me.  And I’m sad to say that fennel has always been that food for me. [Read more...]

Simmered Brussels Sprouts… don’t stop reading!

I’m pretty sure I’ve probably already lost half of you somewhere between Brussels and sprouts.  But for those of you that have gotten this far, hang in there with me!  I know that Brussels sprouts aren’t exactly the prom queen of the vegetable world, and that there are a lot of people out there who would rather eat nothing than eat a Brussels sprout.

But let me just throw something out there… these little guys can be delicious.  And not even in the sense of “anything you fry up with onions and bacon will be delicious”.  There is another way to deal with these buggers. [Read more...]