But I’m Hungry is my personal blog, filled with my blatherings and (sometimes) personal opinions on things. I am in no way an expert, genius, or otherwise endowed with a supernatural ability to never be wrong (don’t tell my husband). They are just opinions, and sometimes they even change over time. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to read them (but I’m sure glad when you do!)

In case you like something so much you’d like to “borrow” it for your own blog, please know that I am the copyright holder for all the content on this blog, including both images and written content. Please don’t steal it. If you’d like to use it, please link back to where you found it and give me the credit. If it’s for a complete post, please just e-mail me… I swear I’m really nice about it.

Also, if you see a recommendation for a product or service on this page, it is exactly that- a recommendation. Something I truly like and I think you might, too. I will never recommend something or post about a product that I don’t use and believe in just because someone is paying me to. A few links to things like cookbooks are affiliate links, which means if someone clicks through and buys it, I get a small percentage back. But let’s just say those links aren’t exactly keeping me in black truffles and diamonds, so please believe that I only ever make recommendations based on my personal experiences and/or because I think you’d find them helpful.

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