Shaved Asparagus with Parmesan Vinaigrette

As it turns out, last week, while I was whining about making potatoes instead of pretty little spring asparagus, I should have just been at the store buying some pretty little spring asparagus. Because last week they were front and center in the produce department, but when I went yesterday, they were nowhere to be found.  The horror!  Had I really missed asparagus season after all my excitement about spring vegetables?  [Read more...]

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Moules Mariniere


“What’s for dinner tonight?”  Almost every day, I hear this question at least two or three times- from my husband, from my co-workers, from myself.  And let me tell you something.  I am very,very tired of answering, “Chicken.”  No thank you.  I’m over it.  Chicken is great and all, but in the past few weeks, we have eaten more chicken than you can shake a drumstick at a lot of chicken.  (Sorry, it’s been a long week and I’m feeling hilarious.  I’ll stop now.)  We’ve had roast chicken, coq au vin, homemade Buffalo wings… oh, and the stock. [Read more...]

Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes with Sage and Shallots


After a weekend of lime tarts and the like, Monday night dinners can be pretty rough.  Just look at what I have to work with:

These poor, earnest little potatoes are doing the best they can.  They are nutritious, can be very tasty, and are incredibly hardy and shelf stable, which means in the winter, they are pretty much always in my pantry. 

Which also happens to be the reason why I hate these little buggers so much right now.  I don’t want potatoes, darn it!  I want tender, sweet, fresh stalks of asparagus and tiny green peas like candy and… oh yeah, limes[Read more...]

Blue Cheese Coleslaw

Does this ever happen to you?  A friend asks you for a recommendation of something to make for a family gathering, party, etc. You think about it for a second, and say, YES, I know exactly what you should make.  You then go into details about how easy, delicious, addictive, whatever it is, and by the time you are done you know that you are going to have to make it now, too.  Sometimes, talking someone else into making something is the quickest way to talk yourself into it.  [Read more...]

Lime and Berry Tart


A funny thing happened to me at the grocery store the other day.  As I was reaching for yet another bag of potatoes that looked like they’d seen better days (it’s been a loooong winter, people), out of the corner of my eye, I saw a big, beautiful pile of perfectly round, bright green limes.  I had to have them immediately.  They looked so un-potato like, so springy, so citrus-y and delicious, I may have gone a little overboard.  I proceeded to fill a plastic bag to bursting with 30 some limes.  They looked so cute in my cart during my trek around the store, I could hardly stand it. [Read more...]